Membership Benefits for the ISODC

Dane D’Alessandro is a doctoral student at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois, where he is pursuing an advanced degree in organization development. He also holds a master of arts in organization sciences from George Washington University and a bachelor of science in information and decision sciences and business administration. Active in a number of professional organizations, Dane D’Alessandro belongs to the Midwest Academy of Management and the International Society for Organization Development and Change.

The International Society for Organization Development and Change (ISODC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of global understanding and awareness of issues related to organization development. The organization provides a collegial and supportive environment in which members can pursue collaborations and research aimed at professional growth. In addition to hosting annual conferences and free webinars, the ISODC publishes the peer-reviewed Organization Development Journal, the most widely cited organizational development journal in the world.

Membership includes a listing in the ISODC registry and subscription to the quarterly Organization Development Journal. Members can also enjoy reduced registration fees for conferences and various collaborative opportunities in their field.


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